End of the Beginning

With less than a week to go before the release of my book “Lessons from a Headache” the end is near and the start of something new begins. Months of editing, rewrites, more editing,  more rewrites and then proofing is over. And now a new door opens with marketing and speaking hope into peoples lives.

As I look back on this 46 month journey of dealing with a “chronic daily migraine” I never thought this is the place where God would lead me. He says in His Word, “that He has plans to prosper us and not to harm us,” I could not imagine this in the beginning. The pain I dealt with and still am dealing with is awful, yet I have peace and joy.  God has shown me a better way to live life and walk in faith.

Even though I’m still in daily pain, my healing will come and has come. The physical healing has not happened yet, but will. My attitude about life has changed and so has my faith and emotions.  Just know that whatever you’re going through, God is there and will take you on a journey you never expected if you let Him.

Let the next journey Begin!


One thought

  1. Wow, your attitude is great. Sounds like complete surrender which is what Christ calls us to do despite our circumstances. Blessings come from surrender and I pray that your physical healing is soon to follow. What a testimony you are.

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