Sometimes saying “No” is the hard thing to do, especially when it comes to the ones we love.  We all want to make others happy and have them like us.  However, when we say no, it can cause all kinds of hurt feelings and attitudes on our part and theirs.

No is hard to say when it comes to trying to help others.  But sometimes it is what needs to be said even if it hurts.  I know from my last experience of trying to help another I should have said no a long time ago and now I’m paying the price for just trying to help.  My attitude towards this person has changed greatly to the negative, not all because of what they did but also because what I did not do.

Tough love is…Tough.  And our hearts break seeing the ones we love hurt.  Sometimes we have to let them fall and watch them crash, and burn.  We don’t want to see this but when we enable their behaviors instead of helping them correct, we only throw fuel on the fire.  When that happens we all get burned.

We hope they don’t fall hard, and that they change before losing everything.  Well unfortunately, sometimes they/we have to hit rock bottom before we can succeed.  Once at rock bottom we will have a firm foundation to stand on.


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