Father’s day has never been a good and joyous time for me. It usually falls on my birthday and the whole buying a present on your birthday never seemed fair. I love my dad but it never was right in my eyes to be giving a gift on a day that was supposed to be about me.

Now as we approach Father’s Day and gather at mom and dad’s it might be a time that we say ‘goodbye’ to dad for the last time. My dad is nearing the end and it has been a long tough adventure, especially for mom. I have watched her age 10 years in the last 6 months. It is sad to see both my parents suffer.

I look back on the past realizing dad did the best he knew how to do. He provided for his family physically by getting us what we needed. He taught us about working hard and fighting for what you believe in. And the right will always come out on top. He ruined us by dragging us to church and giving us morals and values.

I look back in thankfulness of the life lessons dad taught me. I also am saddened that this might be the last Father’s Day.