See you later…

Saying goodbye is always hard to do, especially when it is to someone we love. On Tuesday we laid our father to rest and celebrated his life here on earth. He was an amazing man. He always stood for what was right no matter what the cost to him might be. He was always 10 steps of ahead of the crowd seeing what the future looked like and all the great possibilities that lied ahead.

The night he died I got to say “See you later,” to him one last time before he passed. I know it is not goodbye because I will see him in heaven when I get called home. The last couple days I feel like I got kicked in the gut. Sometimes it felt like it was even hard to breath. But I believe and know I will see him again. And today I got that that reassurance in church as the band played “I can only imagine,” by Mercy Me. As I stood, I cried and worshiped the One who will make the reunion possible. Thank you Jesus.

See you later…

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