I have always struggled with am I good enough? Do I count? Does my life matter? I hear people say, “Jesus died just for me.” I really struggle with that a lot of days. And i’m sure i’m not the only one. You have no idea what I have done in my past. I’m not good enough to receive that kind of love. No one cares for me like that. How could they? If they really knew me they would not say that.

Oh and the whole “God does not make any junk.” Then why do I feel this way? Why is there all this shame and guilt? Where is this freedom they talk of? Does anyone else ever feel this way?

These are all things I feel and hear from people I know. Some are faithful Christians, others do not yet know Jesus. I’m just wondering what will it take to truly know and live into His freedom?

I’m reminded of the difference between in-laws and outlaws. Outlaws are wanted!

So when you are feeling not good enough, unloved, ashamed of your past and rejected. If you fell lost and in a tail spin. Remember, Jesus came to seek and save the lost. You are WANTED!


Ted Goodwin is a speaker and author of the book “Lessons from a Headache.” In June of 2009 Ted was diagnosed with a “chronic daily migraine” headache. Despite constant pain since the headache began, Ted has not allowed it to stop him from living life to the full. He lives a life that is active, rewarding and full of joy. He diligently trained for and completed his first marathon in September 2010, despite the migraine.

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