Today my family got our pictures taken for the new church directory. Since the onset of the headache in 2009 I just cringe anytime I see a camera. I know that soon will follow those bright lights called flashes and the possibility of a spike in the headache. Today was no different I knew what I was walking into; lots of bright lights and flashes. I wanted to wear my sunglasses for the pictures just knowing of the possibility of what might lay ahead. Sunglasses were not an option.

We had fun getting the pictures taken. Lots of laughs and different poses. But one too many shots sent me over the edge. WHAM! Hello Mr. spike you are not welcome here. The envelope was pushed to far. Tears began to well up in my eyes as the spike increased. I excused myself to the restroom to try to regain some composure and just take a deep breath…

and pray.

When I returned we sat with the photographer to look at the different shots and choose the package we wanted. After about five minutes of this I had to excuse myself this time I left. Trying to concentrate became difficult, so I headed back to work.

Now several hours later, I sit in my darkened office with sunglasses on just hoping for some relief. My wife and I are very pleased with pictures. We are also pleased that we finally have some great family shots to put up in the house.

Was it worth it?


Sometimes we just have to grin and bear it for the ones we love. The outcome for this spike will be a few hours of pain. The outcome from the photos will last a life time. I’m glad this happened.


Ted Goodwin is a speaker and author of the book “Lessons from a Headache.” In June of 2009 Ted was diagnosed with a “chronic daily migraine” headache. Despite constant pain since the headache began, Ted has not allowed it to stop him from living life to the full. He lives a life that is active, rewarding and full of joy. He diligently trained for and completed his first marathon in September 2010, despite the migraine.

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