In 1969 my family went on a camping trip. Mom, Dad, my sister, brother and a adorable baby(me). On the way home from that trip my dad told my mom, “Either we are getting a place or a divorce because we are never camping again.” They stopped in St. Mary’s, Ohio on the way home to see our cousin Ed. Ed told my dad, “There is a little piece of property on the south-side of Grand Lake St. Mary’s that would be perfect. That fall we purchased what is now Kozy Kampground. So during the summers and on weekends during school we lived at the campground. We had a cottage that was our home away from home.

Growing up I had the best of both worlds, raised in the city and country. I have always enjoyed the outdoors but really hate camping. My idea of camping would be the motor-home out in front of the hotel. Don’t get me wrong I love to hike, I just like to come back to a warm dry place at the end of the day and sleep without something poking me is the back. Then as Charlie Brown put it, this “little red headed girl” came into my life. Lynette my wife is my opposite in just about everything. I’m a morning person, I believe she is nocturnal.  Red sauce for me, white sauce for her.  Then comes camping…yep, you got it she is all about a tent along side the trail we just hiked…UGH! So when it came to camping I let her do her thing and I stayed home. We have done several hiking trips, but if I went we got a cabin to stay in.

In mid-summer for some reason I started looking for a camper. Why? I have no idea. Something inside me thought it would be a good for the two us to get away and camp. What was I thinking? I had not told Lynette that I was doing this. On Labor Day weekend, I purchased a camper without letting her know. I asked her to come check something out with me. It was a camper. As we went through it I asked, “What do you think?” She said, “It was nice.” I said, “Happy Birthday.”

There was a stunned look on her face and then she asked, “Are we going to get to use it?”


A Happy Birthday! 

Well, we just got back from first camping adventure. It was a much needed time together to refresh and renew our marriage.  I’m hoping for more great camping trips with my bride. It’s amazing how a crazy little thing called “LOVE” will change you.


Ted Goodwin is a speaker and author of the book “Lessons from a Headache.” In June of 2009 Ted was diagnosed with a “chronic daily migraine” headache. Despite constant pain since the headache began, Ted has not allowed it to stop him from living life to the full. He lives a life that is active, rewarding and full of joy. He diligently trained for and completed his first marathon in September 2010, despite the migraine.