An award for me…WOW!


It seems that I have been nominated for The Liebster Award.  I would like to thank Michael Fernandez at Migraine Discussions for the nomination. You can check out his blog at  I never thought that I would get much recognition or let alone receive an award so this is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed would happen. I am truly honored that someone would think to nominate Ignite Truth blog for this award and I thank God for this recognition.

Info About the “Liebster Award”

The Liebster Award, or “the favorite blog award”, is an internet-based award that is given to bloggers by other bloggers. In Germany, the word “liebster” has the same meaning as “favorite, beloved, or dearest.” This award is primarily given to blogs that have less than 200 followers. That way, it helps the blogger with being more known to the world as well as giving the blogger the opportunity to learn about more amazing bloggers.

For those I’ve nominated just as Michael has done I’ve provided a link to a guide on accepting your award!

So here are the questions I was asked:

1. What motivated you to start writing? It came out of a few life lessons I had learned from dealing with a chronic daily migraine.  I never imagined it would turn into a book or that I would be blogging.

2. Did you begin writing with your blog or just to yourself to begin? Actually started writing the life lessons down as a therapy for me as a journal of this adventure I have been traveling.

3. How have your readers helped you? Hearing the stories of how lives are being changed for the better gives me the inspiration to keep writing.  The encouragement and prayers from the readers has given me strength to get through some very rough days.

4. If you could write for any magazine which would it be or would you start from scratch? I would say Reader’s Digest, they always have great stories of triumph.

5. Are you working on writing any books, if so what about? “Lessons from a Headache” was a book I never planned to write but i’m thankful it has been published. I have no direction or sense of a second book right now but you never know.

6. What was your most popular article you thought might be a flop? I never really wrote concerned whether they would flop or not. I wrote because it was in me and needed to get out.

7. Who do you admire in today’s world? Andy Andrews — he is a great speaker and author. He has an amazing way of looking at life and finding the good.

8. How do you pick topics for your articles? With whatever inspires me at the time. You never know when or where inspiration will hit.

9. Have you ever pre-written a series of articles and released it on a timed basis on purpose, if so why? No and not sure I could ever work that way.

10. Do you ever consider writing for pay and quitting blogging, is the feedback rewarding enough for you? Never considered writing or blogging period, let alone getting paid for it.

Now that the questions have been answered it’s time for me to list my 10 nominees for the award:

Sian Roberts

More Than A Beard

Peace in the Pain

Migraine Discussions

The Daily Runner

Used Crayons

Alter Ego of a Migraineur

messed up mind of a married man

Little Things That Amuse Me


That took a lot of work! There are so many awesome blogs, but I could ONLY CHOOSE TEN!! If I could, I’d nominate all of you.

As for my 10 questions here I go:

1. What motivated you to start writing?

2. Are you working on writing any books, if so what about?

3. If you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be and why?

4. If you could write for any magazine which would it be or would you start from scratch?

5. When life is rough what do you do to find some peace in the storm?

6. Who would you most like to meet, past or present?

7. Who do you admire in today’s world?

8. If you could change one thing in the world, other than world peace and hunger, what would it be?

9. Sunsets or sunrises and why?

10. Were you ever told that you could not achieve a certain goal and did it anyway?

I’ll notify all nominees, though you’re free to decline as some people might see this as a chain post type deal. I take it as an honor from a fellow chronic pain blogger who has noticed my work and appreciated it. Thank you to all the readers and for this award.  Hoping for greater days ahead God Bless.

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