Where am I going?


This is from Ron Newhouse of devotions.net. I read Ron’s devotions almost every morning and come away with a great sense of focus for the day that lies ahead. I thought this one was too good not to share.

This is the victory that conquers the world, our faith.
1 John 5:4 NRSV

What is the test of sincere faith? Do we walk the talk? Do we practice what we preach? Do we expect others to measure up to a standard that we do not keep ourselves? Is our faith centered in success or service? The most important aspect of this test of sincerity is not how others measure up, but how we measure up in our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Many of you remember the great Oliver Holmes character. Well, once he couldn’t find his ticket when he got on a train. As he rummaged through his pockets and bags, Holmes was recognized by the conductor who said, “Don’t worry, Justice Holmes, you don’t need your ticket right now. Just send it to us later when you find it.”

Irritated, Holmes replied, “Sir, the problem is not, ‘Where is my ticket?” The problem is, “Where am I going?” A good question for each of us to ask ourselves, “Where am I going?” Are we going to be like the leaders of Jesus’ day or are we going to be sincere in our faith and do our best to walk the talk?

God of all, forgive me when I fail to walk the talk, and help me walk in the steps of Jesus as I witness your love. In Jesus name, Amen.

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