Down so long

In the summer of 1985 I had the privileged of seeing Sting in concert from the front row. He was out on his first solo tour after The Police had broke up. That night I heard the song “Down so long,” for the first time. Ever since then it has always been one of those tunes that when I’m down or upset it brings me back. It revived me and let me breath again. No matter how rough things were I could put that song on and just get lost, and the stuff of life didn’t seem that bad anymore.

Now after 4 and a half years of constant pain, it does bother me…being down. I’m tired and wore out. I feel depressed especially when the migraine pain levels elevate. How much longer? How much do I have to endure? When will it end?

These are just some of the question that rattle around in my head. I try to focus on the only real outlet of relief there is…God. That is difficult task normally let alone when you’re in pain. When the pressure is to great to read and a dark room is the only place to get some relief, reading becomes impossible. Music is the only way for me to focus in these times. Christian radio helps me concentrate on God and not the pain.

When things are not going so well, how do you get your focus back on God?

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