Last night Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Ham of the Creation Museum debated whether creation is a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era. No matter what side of the topic you find yourself on I hope you appreciated the honest discussion that happened last night. Too many times both the creation and evolution sides take a stance that does not allow any room for the others point of view.

Creationist take the stance well “God said it, I believe it, that settles it.” Their evolutionist counterparts say that’s just an book(The Bible) that denies science and you’re uneducated for those beliefs. Both stands are wrong in my opinion because they are to such extremes there is no middle ground in common and each can speak to their blue in the face or it becomes a shouting match.

Last night each man made valid points for his case. I found Mr. Nye a little condescending a few times as he said, “in real science or in the outside world,” as if creationists don’t believe in science at all. To which Mr. Ham rebuffed that several times.  Mr. Ham could of made a better case than he did in my opinion. I have been to The Creation Museum on three different occasions and understand his beliefs.

Three things I took away from the debate last night. First, both men love science and what they do. Second, Mr. Nye and Mr. Ham both are strongly convicted in their beliefs and you could tell by their passion. The third thing a took away is that there was truly only one clear winner. That winner was in the building and also watching the live stream. The winner if they take the challenge that was given them last night, we will all be winners. The challenge was laid out by both men. It was to search for the truth. Observe, seek and explore the world around you to find the answers.

So the winner in my opinion if they take up the challenge is our youth. Every major university at the founding of the United States, motto was in one form or another to seek the truth. This was based on the words of Jesus in John 8:32 “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” My hope is that more open discussion can happen like this and our children take up the challenge and change the world.

What are your thoughts on the debate?