Be the change


“I study and document society for a living. What I see is that people relentlessly voice their disgust about the state of things around the world, but refuse to take any ACTION to create change, despite their limitless ability to do so. It’s like constantly complaining about what’s on the television while holding the remote in your hand.You’re damn right I’m frustrated.”

– Justin Hunt 

Justin is an award-winning movie director, for such films as “American Meth,” “Absent,” and “The Speed of Orange.” Here is a clip from his latest project “.XXX,” as he takes a look at porn addiction and major impact it has on our society.

2 Thoughts

  1. Thanks for posting this. I am very glad to know someone is making a film of this nature. Pornography is a poisonous plague that most people are desensitized to. They say if you want to boil a frog, put him in a pot of water and slowly turn the temperature up. The frog doesn’t know it is too hot until it is too late.
    If a person want to understand why porn is so addictive, and how to break free, check out the article on my blog “Why you can’t stop once you start”
    God bless you!

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