Do Something!


A couple of weeks ago I shared this quote from Justin Hunt, “I study and document society for a living. What I see is that people relentlessly voice their disgust about the state of things around the world, but refuse to take any ACTION to create change, despite their limitless ability to do so. It’s like constantly complaining about what’s on the television while holding the remote in your hand.You’re damn right I’m frustrated.”

Why don’t we move to action? Do we just not care or is it something else? I believe we all want a better world to live in, unfortunately most of us don’t move in action to make a difference. We feel we can never have an impact. Well all it takes is making difference for ONE person can change the world.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one”

-Mother Teresa

One life changed, change that person world. Maybe you are not called to Africa to save orphans, maybe it just in your own neighborhood. No matter how big or small, DO  SOMETHING!

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