Dead Alive


I never believed in ghosts, goblins and things that went bump in the night as a kid. I use to watch horror movies and laugh because you could always tell what was coming next. I mean really you’re alone in the woods and all your friends have died and you find a quaint little cabin to hide in…yeah right. The killer who has been stabbed, shot and axed to death 57 times lives there…what are you thinking?

Zombies are another thing I never thought were real. The definition of a zombie is:

  1. a corpse said to be revived by witchcraft, esp. in certain African and Caribbean religions.
    • informal
      a person who is or appears lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings.

Notice zombie is a noun not a verb. There is no action with zombies.  I feel that I have become like one. On days the migraine spikes I become lifeless, apathetic and unresponsive to life. Sometimes I think the house could burn down around me and I would not move an inch because the pain is so intense i’m immobile. The pain stabs me like a knife over and over again and yet I never die, bleed or lose my breath. I truly must have be a zombie because how else could I live like this? How can this even be called living? Will this suffering end?

I question, pray and wait on God to relieve this body of pain. I wait on Him so I can be awakened from the dead. I want to LIVE!


I want to say I”M ALIVE!

2 Thoughts

  1. Saying a prayer for you Ted. My 14 year old son suffers from chronic headaches/migraines as well. Thank you for the song from ELO. Love it. Peace.

    1. Thank you for your prayers they are very much appreciated. Sorry to hear about your son. I know I would never wish this journey on anyone. It kills me inside to know of others going through this.

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