Hiding in the dark


It is the first real day of spring here in Ohio. The winter has been hanging on for a long time. Clouds, wind, over cast skies and cold temperatures have been the rule. Today the sun is shining and it’s opening day of baseball. Hope springs anew as the cold grey winter is pushed back by a big bright yellow sphere in the sky. Boats are on the lake making a statement that we will not take it anymore…Winter is over!

Most people are excited to see the sun as I read through my Facebook feed. Yet I’m here in the darkness trying to find comfort from the light. The migraine is raging war and light is my enemy. How do you fight something that can not be kept at bay? The light will always shine in the darkest places, whether we want it to or not.

There are many dark places in my life that need to be brought into the light for healing, hope and life. For some reason I keep them in the dark and away from the world. If they would be brought into the light would people still like me? The hurt is so great but the choice is to stay in the dark. I know like the sun shinning bright outside I must face it no matter how bad it hurts and so it is with my life. All things must be brought into the light to truly live and not just dwell in the darkness of existence.

What needs to be brought into the light in your life?

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