2 pounds…


All of us have probably struggled with our weight, especially as we get older.  Our metabolisms tend to slow down and so does our motivations to stay in shape. The years start to slowly roll by like a turtle crossing through peanut-butter. Then one day we wake-up and realize that we are overweight and out of shape. My dad used to say, “I’m only overweight two pounds for every year I’ve been married.” Well the problem with that statement is my parents were married 54 years.

This winter my bride began to pick on me about having a “belly.” True to dad’s words, going into our thirteenth year of marriage I was up twenty-five pounds this spring from when we got married. When I saw the scale I was shocked and made a determination to make some changes. I’ve started to eat healthier and got back to running and the pounds have fallen off quickly.

I began to think what else has crept into my life and is now beginning to take over? Are there things that I’m doing now that I would have never done in my past that aren’t healthy for me or my family? What things have I stopped doing that were positive for my well being?

Life and its decisions become a slow fade from what we once reached to obtain. We begin to settle and compromise on those things we once held dear. Stepping back for a little self examination and listening to those around us about the fat spots in our lives can be the very thing that keeps us on track, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Is it time to step back and see the”two pounds” that have been adding up?

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