Burn it ALL!

fire tornado

When Cortes went after the Aztec treasure, it was one of the greatest treasure known to man. He “motivated” his army by burning the ship so they had no other option than to fight. It was all or nothing. There was no retreat, no way to escape. You either went for it or died trying. How much different would our lives be if that was are attitude towards our dreams and goals?

These past several weeks have been a very trying time for me. The burdens of life, providing for my family and where is God in all of this have been at the forefront of my constant thinking. I have felt like crying but unable to shed a tear and have no idea what I would be crying about. I have struggled with my faith walk also, not being able to find myself in God’s plans or even finding God’s plan.


There is an old saying that you can’t find the forest because of the trees. Sometimes the answers are right in front of our face, but we are looking at them so closely we can’t see them. We need to step back, breathe and refocus. Other times we just need to let it all go and lose ourselves to the greater plan God has for us.


I say all the time I search for God in my my life, but do I really? Do I put the effort into my faith that I put into work or play or leisure? If I worked has hard as I do at everything else in my faith walk I believe my life would change dramatically. I’m not saying there still would not be struggles but they would not seem as big. So I’m ready to “burn it all.” I need and want a change, how about you? I’m going to lay down my normal routine for the next 31 days and do some searching for God and myself in His plan.

So here is my plan: The book of Proverbs has 31 chapters, each day I’m going to read a chapter to search for His wisdom.  Also I want to be more prayerful throughout my day just not when I’m desperate or in need. I have two books that I have started and not finished, that I want to complete during this next 31 days. The first is, “The practice of the presence of God,” by brother Lawrence. The second, “How to let God solve your problems,” by Charles Stanley.

Who’s with me? Are you ready for a change? Do you want more out of life and not sure where to start? Well let’s start this together and burn this old life to the ground.


One thought

  1. Im with you!! I started the Proverbs 32 day challenge on July 1. I’m on Proverbs 9 since its the 9th day of the month. But regardless of when u begin. ….it is such great knowledge being expressed in the books of Proverbs. Dealing with these chronic migraines-my circumstances has really pushed me towards God rather than away from. My faith in him has grown tremendously. Without it I cant say where i would be, nor how i would be surviving. I pray you find direction, and that God’s plabs for you will soon be revealed!

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