All is rosy


I am an optimist and tend to look at things through rose colored glasses. I try to find the best in people and situations. I believe there is always a solution to life’s problems. We just have to be willing to change and never give up.

Pain has ruled my life for the last 5 years. This migraine has changed everything. It has transformed who I am, what I can do and how I live my life. I have made an effort to keep it from controlling me but some days  are to no avail. Today is one of those days, it’s Wednesday and it is allergy shot day. For over a year now I’ve been doing this hoping for relief from the pain. I felt anxious in the doctor’s office this morning and that showed in my elevated blood pressure and pulse. I’m so tired and just want this torment to end. The allergy shots are at the end of an extensive list of “cures” I have tried on this journey that have not succeeded.


On my quest of finding a cure, change has been a constant. Thomas Edison was asked about all of his failures in trying to event the light bulb. Edison replied, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work.” It is that kind of mindset that keeps me going. If I give up life is over. This state that I’m in is not living if I throw in the towel. So again today another change…rose colored glasses. What else would a true optimist wear. FL-41 tinted lenses help with light sensitivity and also the frequency and severity of migraine headaches according researchers and many migraine sufferers. This is another step out in faith, as dark sunglasses have been a main stay in my arsenal. So today all is rosy.

Keep fighting, Keep searching…NEVER GIVE UP!

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