Breaking the barriers


The first step in a journey is always the hardest. Fear holds many of us back from chasing down our dreams. Fear of rejection, fear of criticism, and the fear of failure are many of the excuses we use to not to take a shot at life.

Over the last twelve weeks I have had the privilege of teaching a couch to 5K program as part of TEAM 413 Gracerunners Project. TEAM 413 is the largest endurance ministry in the world with over 85,000 participants. When we started the majority of the group would have told you that to do this would be impossible, but they were willing to make a change in their lives and step out in faith. As the weeks went along in our training I saw the team strengthen not only in their physical ability but in attitudes, friendships and their faith.

Thirty team members lined up on Saturday morning to run the Lake Festival 5k in Celina, Ohio, we were honored to have the Founder and Director of TEAM 413, Chris Gillespie with us for the weekend. Chris led us in devotions and prayer before the race.

Chris leading devotions.

Chris told the team that every shirt will have a story and some we may not know until we get to heaven. Well we heard lots of stories on the course and after the race. Team members shared how God was lifted up by a simple shirt and that lives were touched.

My life changed that day as I saw barriers broken down that seemed impossible just 12 weeks earlier. This team made running fun again and gave me purpose to aim higher than I ever thought possible. Watching others stepping out in faith, now pushes me to step out. I do not know what that next step is or where it may lead but here I go…

One more breath, One more step, One more mile, Finish line!

Grand Lake TEAM 413 praying before the race
Grand Lake TEAM 413 praying before the race

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