My Psalm


How long will this last

How much more can anyone take

I scream Your name through the pain

I wait in agony

Your healing touch I desire

Medicines don’t work

Surgeries have failed

There is nowhere else to turn

No one else can save me

No other options exist

When will You come

Deliver me from this terror

I cry out to You in the dark

From the shadows I howl

Is my pleading in vain

How can this be

On bent knee I come

The salty tears run dry

My eyes burn like the desert

 My hair aches

Breathes are short

Pulse races

Is comfort never to be mine

Only You know the answer

I wait expectantly

Your hand of healing will move

I will be lifted from this hell

I will soar as the eagle

The sun will shine

Darkness will evaporate

Your name I praise

Holy Healer come invade

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