For the past 45 years Kozy Kamp Ground and Marina has been a part of my life. It is the family business I grew up in. And for 38 years I have worked for the campground and marina.(28 years full time)Today starts a new chapter in my life as I have been fired from the family business and asked to clear all out all my personal items. I am now jobless and homeless, as the house I live in is owned by the business and I am not allowed on the property.

I’m at my soon not to be home packing items up and I turned on the radio and a song by 7eventh Time Down came on. This song could not come at a better time. I’m now focused on what is most important…JESUS! Take a listen

I’m asking for prayers of guidance to whatever the next step is in my journey of faith. God is good and I believe He has greater things for me. Looking forward with to see what God has for me. Please pray for my family.

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