Now what?

Now what?

Which way do I go?

Where do I turn?

Can I provide for my family?

Who would hire me?

What would I do?

What skills can I provide?

Is this even happening to me?

Is not excepting help prideful?

Is excepting help admitting defeat?

How could 38 years of blood, sweat and tears just be tossed away?

Was I not of worth anything to this family, this business?

My experience counted for nothing?

Does my life count for nothing?

Do my wife and child mean nothing, also?

All I know is God says I count!

A journey starts with the first step.

I’m stepping into the unknown.

Believing in faith.

Praying with joyful anticipation.

There is better.

There is greater.

There is freedom.

Here I am!

Chasing the only thing that matters.

It’s the first day of the rest of my life.

No fear…only FAITH!

Here we go!

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