Now I lay me down to…


Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord I count some sheep.

The pain too much to touch the pillow,

 Rest will only come on a billow.

Twenty four hours of pain and torture,

This is not how I want my future.

Like brush against flames and fires,

My body aches, withers and tires.

Stabbing, pounding, unending pain,

Will this be the night I am slain?

Tossing, turning, where is the comfort?

Who gives watch over this fort?

Where is my guard and Healer?

I want better cards from the dealer.

What must I do for goodness sakes?

Just make it stop and no more quakes.

Now I lay me down,

Please Lord, don’t let me drown.

All I want is a peaceful rest,

Make me a bird so I can fly from this nest.

Bring healing, hope and joy,

I hate feeling like a broken toy.

Every sound is like a lousy band,

Bring down Your healing hand.

Now I lay me down to….

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