Since March of 2013 I’ve have been taking allergy shots in hopes of finding relief from this migraine that has lasted over 5 years. Two shots every Wednesday for 21 months. In that time there was fear, distress, pain and hope. Now after meeting with the doctor, this too as died has a possible cure. So many things tried, so many dead ends. Notice I did not say “defeats”, because no one is ever defeated until they give up. And giving up is not an option.


Once again the only hope I have of being healed is in my God. I have tried to say and believe this from the start, but I get distracted by a possible cure and chase after it like a dog chasing a car. I know someday I will be healed. What now looks like complete chaos to some is going to be a masterpiece. So today is not a debacle, but another step in this journey called life. I take comfort that all great success has never come easy, but only out of difficult times. With this in mind I can’t wait to see what the final product will be from this situation. Still trusting and believing!