Diplopia,  commonly known as double vision, is the simultaneous perception of two images of a single object that may be displaced horizontally, vertically, diagonally (i.e., both vertically and horizontally), or rotationally in relation to each other. It is usually the result of impaired function of the extraocular muscles, where both eyes are still functional but they cannot converge to target the desired object.

As per our usual morning routine, Lynette and I were in bed, me reading a devotional aloud and her eating breakfast. That is when it happened I saw two cats. Well, that is not new in our house, since we have two cats, but it was the same cat I saw two of. I experienced double vision with a spike in the migraine. This was a first in the five and half years of this journey. Lynette knew right away something was wrong. She began praying instantly without me saying a word. I’m so blessed to have her as my bride. The double vision was gone in a few seconds, but it scared me. Something new like this is not good. I want to be healed. I don’t know if things got worse what I would do. I say that I’m relying on God, but this morning shook me to the core. It left me to question, I do have the faith the size of a mustard seed?

Is there more growth and hope or is this as good as it gets? The one thing I do know is that I will keep searching for the Healer of my soul.

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