Rejection is good


The word rejection brings up negative thoughts and memories for many of us. We often equate being rejected as a bad thing. That we are not good enough and don’t measure up. Rejection can be and is painful, depending on the degree. And as rejections build up in our lives so do all the negative thoughts of being inadequate. We hope and pray for just one break through, just one. If one more rejection happens we feel we can not go on with life anymore. The littlest things set us off for no reason other than the pain that has been building for days, weeks, months or longer.

There is no shame in being rejected. The only shame is in giving up. Remember, sometimes it isn’t about you at all. Sometimes it’s about the other person. We have to learn to move on. ‘No’ is not the end of the road, but a new beginning for something better.


Have you been “rejected” lately? Good that means you are trying. I know it hurts and it will for a while but better things are ahead. Here are some famous rejects that did not let ‘No’ stop them from moving forward in life. Keep Fighting!

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