We all want to do better and be better every-time out, yet we fail in the most important category over and over and over. We never improve our game. The question is do you have 20 years of experience or do you have one year…20 times over? We must learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others so we don’t go down the road of failure. That road is wide and easy to follow. The road to success is hard and sometimes unseen by those standing on the sidelines.

Educating ourselves and our team by practicing the basics and learning from the best is the key to success. Michael Jordan was always the first to the gym and the last to leave. Larry Bird if he missed the game winning shot would spend hours shooting from that spot after everyone left the arena. Practice does not always make perfect, but it does improve our game and better our chances of winning. So what should you be practicing right now? Where does your game need improvement? Go Practice!