Lesson Twelve happens again


I was violently awaken by a nightmare in the middle of night. I launched out of bed with my fists loaded to go to battle. The picture above was my adversary, the clown from Stephen King’s “It.” I found myself hovering over my wife as if she was Pennywise the clown.

This situation grieved me deeply. I thought I might have hurt her during my not so dreamy war. Lynette reassured me she was unharmed and everything was fine. We talked for a few moments and I tried to go back to bed. As I started to dose off I heard her say, “Oh no.”

I thought to myself, “did I get her and she is just noticing now?” Then she asked for some orange juice. This is not what I wanted to hear either. Lynette has Type 1 diabetes and her blood sugars had dropped. She was diagnosed at age 10 and battles every day with the ebb and flow of her blood sugars. Low sugars are always scary for me. I can physically see how her body shuts down and how exhausted she is when a low happens. There is no cure at this point for Type 1 diabetes but the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is making great advancements towards making Type 1 into type none.

So where does Lesson 12 come into play? In my book, “Lessons from a Headache,” Lesson 12 is “Good always comes out of bad.” Because of the nightmare I woke up, which woke up Lynette. We both might have slept through her low sugar and this may not have had a fairy tale ending.

Please consider giving to JDRF and also make good come out something bad. Here is a great video on some of their break through technology. 

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