Enslaved No More!

psalm 116v1,2

In January I received the best and scariest phone call all in one call. It was a phone call I had wanted for many years and yet when hearing, “Ted, we would like you to be Lay Director for the Emmaus Walk in August,” I was crushed under the weight of the responsibility of this position. I humbly accepted after much prayer and soul searching.

One of the first things I did was buy a notebook and started carrying it with me everywhere, because you never know when God is going to inspire with a little nugget that will make a huge difference. I started recording prayers for the team members and for the pilgrims that God has already picked. Even though I was months away from even starting the team selection process God had already laid on my heart what to pray for His team and for the pilgrims that will be attending the walk in August.

As Lay Director in training for the March Walk it was my honor to observe the team meetings and be a part of the team. I prayed throughout the meetings and the walk that God would build His Team, not mine. I prayed that He would put the right people in place to lead the next set of pilgrims to freedom in Him.

On Saturday afternoon during Dying Moments, Pastor Bill Halter made the comment, “Don’t give up a symptom, give up the root cause of the problem.” It was a deep blow to me when I heard him. For years I had given this or that up and asked for forgiveness and yet there was always more crud that kept resurfacing moments, days or weeks later. That afternoon I received and unexpected gift form God…FREEDOM! I was able to let go of a burden that had been a part of my life for more than 30 years. As I set in the sanctuary with tears streaming down my face, a peace overcame me like I have never experienced. For the first time in my life I experienced a joy beyond measure and laughter welled up inside me. I set there crying on the outside and laughing in my spirit.

This morning I awoke rested in my spirit for the first time my life. Peace has come in like a flood and washed me clean from shame and guilt. I experienced God in a whole way this weekend and now that I am free, with God’s help I can help others to His freedom. DeColores

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