Fifteen years ago a malnourished cat came running in our front door one morning. I thought she was a kitten by looking at her size, we came to find out she was about 3 years old. JJ had been one of the many strays that had adopted us. Reflecting back on her life I see how we treat our relationships with others and God.

JJ loved her food bowl full and if it wasn’t she would tell you by crying her head off or flipping the dish. And don’t we all act that way sometimes? We through our little fit until we get what want not realizing everything we need has already been supplied.

She also only loved on her terms. You could only pet her for a few strokes before she would nip at you. She always kept her distance but being just close enough to keep close watch just in case you might try to love on her.

And so it is with us, we come into a relationship beat up and malnourished. We want to be loved, but only on our terms. Then when someone tries to show true love we snip at them and hold them off and ultimately reject them and blame them for trying to help us. This is the same thing we do to God. He wants to love us where we are and supply our needs yet we settle for our wants and needs, even though He has even better for us.

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.Philippians 4:19