Slow Church

My wife and I were driving a winding mountain road in Tennessee when we came across this sign.


When I first read the sign I started laughing and then I was crushed. How slow we the church have been to responding to Jesus’ call to go and serve the others. We have been content to stay inside the walls and point fingers, spread rumors…or I mean pray for others. Instead of being the hands and feet of Jesus we have been more worldly than the world in some cases. We say we believe in His Word, yet never read it. We want all the abundance but yet don’t want get our hands dirty to work for the treasures of Heaven.
I for one have been just guilty. Slow to act in His name or too ashamed. I don’t want to be a part of the slow church anymore. I want to dive into His Word and soak it up. I want to know His Truth and be set Free.


Well it’s time to change. One breath, one verse read, one prayer, one hand up, one word of compassion. BE THE CHANGE!

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