God knows best


I got injured at work several weeks ago and have been going through physical therapy. I was talking with my therapist about joining a gym and if an elliptical would help strengthen my knee.

He thought it would be a great fit for helping the healing and strengthening process. I pass the gym on the way home and thought this would be the right time to join.

As I sat in my truck after therapy, I asked God if it was okay to join at this time. I heard, no. I did not question what I thought I heard.

So as I drove home, I spotted an elliptical machine next to the road. I stopped at the house and the owner  said he was getting rid of it and I could have.

God knows best. Instead of paying a monthly gym membership fee, I can now workout at home for free.

“…for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” Mathew 6:8

Thank you Daddy.

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