Tough trails


This weekend my wife and I went on what we thought was going to be a simple one mile hike to a waterfall. The trail started out smooth, but as we got closer to the falls, roots, loose rocks, uneven ground and steep inclines met us at every bend in the trail.

Just like the trail, none of us like going through tough times in life. When hardships hit we question God about allowing pain into our lives. Yet the Bible is clear that every person will experience trials. Every great person in the Bible had to go through something hard to experience something great in God.

“If you are going through hell keep going.” Winston Churchill

As we came up to a spot in the trail, we saw cables at the edge of the path. To an experienced hiker that means shear drops or inclines ahead. Neither my wife or I particularly like heights but the cables keep us from tumbling and keep our feet from slipping, just like Jesus keeps us from slipping when we meet rocky trails.

Don’t quit when times get tough, keep going, because something beautiful and grand is waiting at the end of this journey.


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