Hello and thtedank you for checking out Ignite Truth. My name is Ted Goodwin. In June of 2009 I began fighting what has been diagnosed as a “chronic daily migraine” headache. Despite constant pain since the headache began, I have not allowed it to stop me from living life to the full. I live a life that is active, rewarding and full of joy. I’ve diligently trained for and completed my first marathon in September 2010, despite the migraine.

In June 2013 “Lessons from a Headache,” was released by Tate Publishing. It is about the life lessons I have learned from dealing with daily pain. The lessons are for everyone who has pain in their lives no matter the situation.

Ignite Truth is about finding Hope, Motivation and Inspiration where ever you are in life. Drawing from my own experiences and those who inspire me, I share life lessons to change our world by changing our attitude first.

I was born in Dayton, Ohio,  but  spent my summers growing up at Grand Lake St. Mary’s. I believe I got the best of both worlds, “city smarts and country wisdom.” I married the love of my life, Lynette, in 2001. Our son Kody and his fiance Jessica live in Montana.



“To speak, dream and ignite the truth of God’s Word into others”


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