For over five yeoption1ars, every hour of every day, I’ve been dealing with a ‘chronic daily migraine’ headache. In that time, I have learned not only about headache treatments and care, but also gleaned nineteen life lessons to apply in anyone’s situation. My hope for the readers is that they would be able to live life to the full, no matter the source of pain in their lives. I share the process of my growth and experience with pain and healing. I live a life that is active, rewarding, and full of joy because of these Lessons from a Headache.



…This book is filled with wit and inspiration…

…”Lessons from a headache” is a great encouragement to spur us on to finish…

…I never truly understood the word, inspiring, until I read “Lessons from a Headache”…

4 Thoughts

  1. I look forward to reading your book, Ted. By the way, I found you while doing genealogy. Looks like we both have ancestors that came from Cookshire, Quebec in the 1860s +/-. One brother went with Goodwin, the other brother went with Goodwyn. Let me know if you want info on that, cousin! Best wishes. Bill Goodwyn, Downers Grove, IL

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