Upcoming Speaking and Teaching engagements:

February 25, 2018, First Evangelical and Reform Church, Lima, Oh 10:15am, speaking

June 18, 2017, New Life Church International Men’s Ministry, Lima, Oh 8:30am, speaking

June 4, 2017, Spencerville Trinity UMC, Spencerville, Oh 9:15am, speaking

May 13, 2017, AGLOW Lima, Oh 10:00am, Speaking Author’s forum

January 1, 2017, Spencerville Trinity UMC, Spencerville, Oh 10:45am, speaking

March 11, 2016 Greater Sidney Emmaus Walk, Sidney, Ohio 6:30pm, speaking

April 3, 2016, Spencerville Trinity UMC, Spencercville, Ohio 8:30am and 10:45am, speaking

April 6, 2016, St. Peter and St. Joe youth groups, Ft. Recovery, Ohio 7:30pm, speaking

April 24, 2016, New Life Church International youth group, Lima, Ohio 10:15am, speaking


Inspirational, challenging, fun, and engaging presentations.



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