Honors and Awards

Honored to be listed on “2015 Speakers to Watch List”  thanks Marsha Wright – TV Business Expert, International #1 Bestselling Author, Syndicated Columnist and Strategic Alliances Expert

The Liebster Award, or “the favorite blog award”, is an internet-based award that is given to bloggers by other bloggers. In Germany, the word “liebster” has the same meaning as “favorite, beloved, or dearest.” Ignite Truth has received two Liebster Awards

What people are saying…

“As I have come to know Ted over the last 7 years, I have found him to be a thoughtful man of God, who desires to impact his community with the hope of Jesus Christ. The ministry he did with Mercer Dads in Celina made a profound difference. His story of how faith in Christ helped him endure in the midst of adversity is powerful and inspirational. Each time he has shared at my church, I have heard nothing but positive feedback from my congregants. The congregation asks for me to have him back again and again! It is for that reason, that I am pleased to offer my endorsement of Ted Goodwin. It is my sincere belief that you would be inspired greatly from his ministry!” Pastor Justin Fuhrmann – Spencerville Trinity United Methodist Church

“I love listening to Ted so much I hate when he comes to the end of his message.” Ron F. Celina, Ohio

“Ted formulates his thoughts very carefully before he speaks what has been placed on his heart. Jeff I. Celina, Ohio

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